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Union General

Union General from Sherbrooke in Canada started out life in 2009 and the quartet of Stéphane Messier (Vocal / Keys), Ève Bonin (Bass) Johann Schmitz (Guitar) Karl Schmitz (Drums) have recently released their pop-rock eponymous debut LP.

Union General

Union General

There is a sense of the Déjà vu in the music, which ripples with new wave influences, whilst pulling in French-pop twists. Intriguingly whilst the band website is in French and coming from the heart of Quebec the songs are delivered in English.

Union General has added a layer of value with the keys which give the material a sense of nostalgia, whilst sliding it in to a current structure. Listening to the band the audience is taken on board a time-capsule as references dating from the ’60s onwards clearly lay across the out-put.

A swooping bass line is joined by a subtle drum around which the guitar swirls away with the keys shaping the over-all sound. Layered over it all is a highly distinctive vocal. The quartet deliver an all engaging sound, which for some unknown reason makes me feel like a real ‘grown-up’ listening to it. That isn’t to say it is a lugubrious reflective, as the music has a listenable quality, whilst simultaneously there is a sophistication to the compositions. Perhaps it is that Union General has taken the naivety of 60′s pop and added a topping of Crème fraîche, akin to a Vodka Jelly, essentially a children’s party food, but with the kick that makes it all so much better.


The debut LP Union General is available on Union General - Union General

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