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Robert Nix

Robert Nix is a solo singer songwriter multi instrumentalist from Toronto in Canada who plays a melodic experimental pop fusion.

Robert Nix

Robert Nix

There is a mellow down mood that reverberates when listening to Robert Nix. Fusions of sounds that hark to big stage theatricals accompanied by an Operatic vocal are combined with pop-rock tempos whilst a re-shape of the sound bends it in to unexpected directions.

There most be something in the air in Canada, as I often find solo musicians who spend incredible amounts of time and effort on the production with layers of music, vocal and instrumentation that is all played and mixed by the musician.

There is a certain amount of respect due to this intensive almost obsessive desire to get all the shapes to the material as imagined in the creators minds.

Robert Nix has three albums to his name, the most recent being Walk Down The Street.


Walk Down the Street is available on Walk Down the Street - Robert Nix*

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