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Lamont James

Lamont James, played some music, got a B.Sc moved back to the home-space of Toronto in Canada and now plays more music. A multi-instrumentalist, classically trained musician, Lamont James is un-ashamed to add other musicians as and where it makes sense, though ever insistent it is his vocal.

Lamont James

Lamont James

Heading back to the late ’60s and British rock, I find myself scurrying around the roots of Punk Rock, simple clean guitar and a driving uncomplicated bass-line, here the success or failure lies absolutely on strength and energy. As a retro-’60s perspective this doesn’t have the screaming anger of Punk, but does contain that essential ingredient of a simple drive.

Lamont learnt well from his training as although the lines are as clear as a Flawless – D – Diamond, there is a subtle under-current of texture which raises this to a new plateau. The pin-point sharpness of the material is a pleasure to the ears and that added depth of composition adds the real value to the music.


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