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Inspire Influence

Inspire Influence is a five piece ambient indie band from Toronto in Canada, which came to fruition in late 2011. Travis Fitzgerald (Guitar/ Programming / Vocals), Damon Guyett (Keys / Programming / Vocals), Jordan Mann (Guitar), Corey Bernard (Drums) and Malcolm Hilferty (Bass) are experimenting with song structures, whilst throwing in to the melting pot a broad range of styles.

Inspire Influence

Inspire Influence

There is a solace to be drawn from the emerging sounds of Inspire Influence. I write this but a few days after NASA announced a new round of Martian Exploration funding and endeavour and the space dust of the band seems somehow right. Symbiotically the music and exploration merge to a comforting sound in the ear. This is no War of the Worlds, rather a low gravity flow of alchemical elixir. For sure the band is able to add drama and intrigue to the material but, to my ears, it is when they resonate with the slow-motion of floats that the band rotates most comfortably.

Unlike the gentle roll of the music, the members of Inspire Influence are keen to stake a mark in the world of recorded music and have already released a demo and have a full release already in the works.

I have mentioned before and it won’t be the last time, the representation of tracks on a meter can tell a story and I can’t be the only one who sees the rocket launch on both of these.


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