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Giving In

Giving In is a three piece indie-pop band form Manitoba in Canada. I was introduced to Ryan Koltalo (Guitar / Vocal), Scott Miller (Bass / Vocal), Kail Landsborough(guitar) through a supporter. If you have a favourite band that is missing from the indie bands blog just drop me a note using our contact form.

Giving In

Giving In

Giving In have developed an interesting use of rap within the construct of indie-pop that catches the listener off guard on first approach, but rapidly grows to a delivery which makes sense. They play some tracks as straight indie-pop, with a slice of heavy bass that of course snares my ears.

This is pretty straight-forward material, but it is proffered with a smile and confidence which draws in the listener to take more time. Music doesn’t have to be ground-breaking to become enticing and Giving In are exemplars of this fact. The musicians are evidently enjoying themselves and this rubs off on the audience which makes listening a better place to be than walking on past with ears closed.

The members of the band are highly competent, with the skills to stretch far beyond the space in which they inhabit. That enables them to deliver the out-put with a flourish and tempt the ears, from time to time, with some unexpected twists and turns along the way.


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