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Chocolate Robots

From Sarnia in Canada emerges the Giresi brothers - MikeMutt, and Marcus collectively known as the indie-pop out-fit Chocolate Robots.


Chocolate Robots

Chocolate Robots

Which reminds me if you ever get a chance to see Inspector Montolbano (In Italian) much as I dislike television, I have to pass on a recommendation. If you are in the UK, the series is currently on BBC Four.

I will now attempt to focus on Chocolate Robots.

Electro-pop bounces out of the speakers like a puppy on speed and the fingers are away on a dance of joy. It is delivered as if in syncopal lo-fi , which sharpens the sardonic wit. I just had to leave the key-board for a few moments to bounce around the room with delight as the band can’t but raise the spirits. The notes are so flat it will either grind or help you unwind, for me, it is a joy to calm my tinnitus, which still plagues my left ear. The lyric shards construct, to deliver a sense of here is the world and now enjoy it.

It has been a few weeks since I reviewed a band sent through by Banter Media and every time I get something through I fail to understand why they aren’t a far larger out-fit than Sony, this is a label which hoards some of the best bands from across the indie lo-fi, experimental and electronica spectrums. I know of a few labels elsewhere in the world with complementary artists and if they ever teamed up, it would make for a superb amalgamation.


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