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Burnt Witch Survivors Group

Burnt Witch Survivors Group is Jordsy (Vocals / Bass /Keys), Jer (Vocals /Guitar) and Ryles (Drums / Percussion) and from Winnipeg in Canada. The town and the name ring a bell? That would be the same Jordsy who appeared as a solo artist this morning on the indie bands blog, only this time instead of indie-folk-pop we have alternative-indie-rock.

Burnt Witch Support Group

Burnt Witch Support Group

Jordsy is only the second musician to appear both as a solo artist and band member on the indie bands blog, the other being the Irish creator Chris Morrin, both of whom explore completely different sound-spaces. Other than that, the only other person to appear under two different guises is the Italian Singer who appears both times in concurrent and somewhat cocurrent vehicles – Francesca Bono.

There is the defining use of percussion that links the two musical personalities of Jordsy, but beyond that we are in completely different territory. I am reminded of the current Glasgow (Scotland) Punk scene, with highly distorted vocal which plays against a minimal sound track, driven forward by the octane of excess adrenaline. With this mood of music the use of recordings set too high is the precise replay necessary to make full use of the material.

The tracks are surprising lengthy, yet they don’t strain in to ‘orchestral’ territory. With a new EP – Support just having been released, this is a band I hope will stay firmly in the space to which my ears are naturally drawn. For now Burnt Witch Survivors Group are firmly ensconced in my ‘essential playlist’.


Burnt Witch Survivors Group is a band it would be good to see live and not having had the pleasure, can’t say if the energy in production comes through in live shows, which it would need to achieve to make sense. But judging by the clean cut look, I am not absolutely convinced of that, however, don’t let my cynical nature put you off what is a great sounding band and long may they keep playing as they do.

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