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Bryce Jardine

Bryce Jardine is a singer / songwriter from Toronto in Canada. Having spent nine years in a band, he decided it was time to be open with himself and decided the best way of achieving this was to strike out on his own. Collaborating with others as projects seem right. Bryce is scheduling a release of his debut LP- The Kids are Gone –  in the first half of 2012.

Bryce Jardine

Bryce Jardine

There is a sunlight sound to the music, contrasting with the lyric which delves in to emotional turmoil, providing an effective contrast to the material. Possessing a highly distinctive vocal, Bryce is also able to write well tempered pieces. I have had the pleasure of listening to the forthcoming release which walks listener through a tumult of emotions, each track standing value on its own.

This is music to spin as the week winds down, containing sufficient depth to retain mental stimulation, whilst the melodies ease the weary brain cells in to a space of calmness.

The out-put draws influences from a diversity of Western, Rock, folk and Celtic which is delivered with confidence and a melancholic notation.


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