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Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision is an indie rock band from Toronto in Canada. A five piece made up of brothers Sepp (Vocal / Guitar), Sohl (Bass) with Joel Lightman (Keys / Vocal), Ben Riley (Drums) and not to forget  Mike Bongertman (Guitar / Vocal).

Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision

Well, I am in the fortunate position of having had the opportunity to take a listen to the new LP set for release later this year and a blinder it is. Once I have the heads up I will get a review posted, yes all well and good Tim, but please tell me about Blurred Vision.

You know that time when space, sound and time meld in to one, well this is where I sit. The quintet utilise the space given by the fifth member, not to cloud the space with volume, rather to give it resonance. The ears are filled with superbly delivered instrumental, vocal and percussion that climbs inside the brain, nestles and burrows in to the synapses, wanders round and hibernates. This is music for all emotive contexts and when you get to the grist of the mill, this is a material you will play at special moments and will say ‘this is our song’.

So to Blurred Vision I merely ask – leave the covers as your original material is superb and thank you for being who you are and no need to hide under the bushel any-more.


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