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Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos is a ‘Miami born, Kingston bred’ hip-hop artist, making a big impact on the scene in Jamaica. Lyrics that relate to everyday life and impeccable delivery make him well worthy of praise.

Nathan Sturgeon has set out to pursue his own career in music, so this may well be the last review from Nathan for a while, or maybe even ever, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish Nathan all the best for the future and thank him for his contributions to the Indie Bands Blog over the past few months.

Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos

I, personally, am a massive fan of hip-hop; although admittedly I don’t spend anywhere near as much time scouting the net for new rappers as I do bands. The reasons for this are two-fold; rock music is my first love, and most of the rappers I have come across as cringingly bad!

Nomad Carlos on the other hand is very much the opposite! His flow is genuinely up there with the best, and his delivery is both smooth and stylish. It is also fantastic to hear real instruments used, as opposed to the ridiculous sounds that have infected mainstream hip-hop in recent years.

The most recent single Live Good is genuinely fantastic, and this style needs to re-introduced to mainstream radio. Nomad is certainly a well rounded artist, and his passion and heart come through in his songs. A catchy hook is also crucial in any great hip-hop track in order to give the sound its body, and that is certainly there to be seen in ‘Live Good’.

This is my first hip-hop review, and what a relief it is that Nomad Carlos is a genuinely talented guy that needs to be heard, and not just any old guy the has recorded a beat with a keyboard, and bought a mic.

All great music needs to be heard; and this is great, great music!


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