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New Year Ninety 2013 20 – 11

The New Year Ninety reaches the sharp end of the proceedings now as we reach the top 20 and here is 20 -11.

Tim - Indie Bands Blog

Tim – Indie Bands Blog

20 – The Ocean (Argentina)

19 - The Drop (England)

18 – Rajasthan Roots (India)

17 – Hungry Ghosts (England)

Cinema Boy is available on Cinema Boy - Single - Hungry Ghosts*

16 – El Haked The Indignant (Morocco)

15 – Cosmo Jarvis (England)

Love This is available on Love This - Single - Cosmo Jarvis*

14 – Ideals (England)

Let Your Anger Leave You is available on Let Your Anger Leave You - Ideals*

13 – We Aeronauts (England)

Chalon Valley is available on Chalon Valley - EP - We Aeronauts*

12 – New Found Land (Germany / Sweden)

The Bell is available on The Bell - New Found Land*

11 – The Ex (Holland)

Starters Alternators is available on Starters Alternators - The Ex*

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*Purchases made through the Cinema Boy - Single - Hungry Ghosts link will result in the Indie Bands Blog earning a commission.

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