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The Supernovas | Slaughter in the Gaza

Running single releases is always a little problematical, how can I describe a one track release without it making no sense, but The Supernovas release of Slaughter in the Gaza needs to find some space.

The Supernovas

The Supernovas

This is a single you can pick up on The Supernovas*, or perhaps if you get along to one of their gigs very soon and go and chat to the guys, who are absolutely approachable, you may be able to catch a free CD of the single which, with a bit of cajoling, I am sure they will sign for you.

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Aside from that, take a listen and judge for yourself, then head off to The Supernovas*  and make a purchase. Slaughter In The Gaza The Supernovas

Purchases made though the The Supernovas link will result in the indie bands blog earnign a commission

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  1. Free Music says:

    liked it.. thnx for sharing..

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