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Stellarscope | This is who we are

Stellarscope have recently released their new LP, This is who we are, which takes the listener on a tour of the world of experimental sonic rock, that is the stomping ground of Stellarscope.

Stellarscope This is Who We Are

Stellarscope This is Who We Are

Opening with Ready to blow, which has the drums and heavy guitar reverb, of a classic Rock anthem. The band adds a layer of keyboard to generate a sense of outer-space. I was reminded somwhat of Hawkwinds’- Silvermachine, as the track develops to a fuzz-back guitar virtuoso, as the drums incessantly keep the track moving forward.

The superb, Just Like Flowers, ripped me out of the kicked back opening couple of numbers. The three and a half minutes of high energy rock blasts the album in to a new gear.

So Blind, with the picked guitar notes landed me safely back on a new planet with its calming dreamy keyboard and creatively blurred resonance.

En el Principio, has the band in great form, as the reverbed vocal of Tom Lugo, is accompanied by Bob Forman maintaining a cymbal laden veil, with the bass lines of Rob DeFlaviis clearing a path through the mist.

The 8th Realm, finds Stellarscope demonstrating their ability to feed various moods in to one track, as heavy rock riffs are combined with the ethereal high pitch of a guitar and a magical mix of keyboard.

And so we land back on planet earth with the instrumental Queremos Paz, a fine end to the album with the message of peace and end to conflict, as we hear the dulcet tones of Bush in a broadcast message drowned out by the power of music, as the song fades out to We want peace – Queremos Paz.

The 10 tracks on the LP have been selected well and the sense of a storyline runs through This is who we are Stellarscope - This Is Who We Are*. I was left with an overall impression of an exploration, some places friendly others chaotic, as Stellarscope took me on a voyage of discovery round the galaxy.

For more on Stellarscope.

Thanks for sending over the LP Tom.

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  1. tom lugo says:


    Great review. Thankyou so very much… you rock!


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