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Sounds of Venus – Star Dust, Baby

With my typical sense of disorganisation, I received news of the five track EP  Star Dust, Baby by Sounds of Venus a month before its release on the 8th August 2012, but have only just got round to writing a review. The band review of Sounds of Venus was published in March 2012.

Sounds of Venus - Star Dust, Baby

Sounds of Venus – Star Dust, Baby

The EP finds the band have honed their skills further. Opening with a strong emotional flyer Human Light, which has a pretty hard edged rock guitar driven sound wrapped around a lyric of relationship despair.

Following on with Time, already known, which still warms the cockles of my heart, this has a superb shoegaze etherealism about it that showcases the bands ability to not only write challenging lyric, but also wrap it in an appropriate structure.

Track three is Conviction which follows the theme of uncertainty and fragility. Four minutes of intense composition. The plaintiff keys which ring out through the track add an enslaving melancholia that creates an immense power to the track. On this one alone, well worth the purchase I would suggest.

Headless Chickens is a lighter sounding instrumentation to what is a powerful lyrical repost to humanity. The juxtaposition works well, as the chaos of the situation is encapsulated by the ebb and flow of the backing sounds.

Completing the EP all too quickly is Insect in Amber / Did You Find It? a space rock feel sweeps majestically out of the speakers, string instrumentation adds a ghostly silhouette as the instruments are fuzzed to really grasp the nettle of the essence of the questions that Sounds of Venus ask of life and relationships.

A delightful EP - Star Dust, Baby expemplifies the highly capable composers who sit within Sounds of Venus and this EP can be listened to as an engaging piece of music without stretching the brain, or each chorus and verse can be analysed, replayed and conjugated.

Star Dust, Baby is available on Star Dust, Baby - EP - Sounds of Venus*

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