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Review of the eponymous EP by Meredith

Fred Lefranc (Guitar, Vocals) and Ben Delacroix(Drums) make up the Paris, France based duo Meredith.



To say I was surprised by the sound of the band would be an understatement. Due to my own ignorance (and partly the band’s name) I was expecting the duo to be some kind of avant-garde electro project, what I was greeted with by Intro the opener to the four track EP is an opening riff that would suit The Queens of Stone Age down to the ground! From there Intro builds, adding layers of welcome filth. Meredith have a fantastic, simple, sound meaning the power in the music is not created by overwhelming effects; it is more rooted in its simplicity.

With Intro showing off the prog-rock, riff based elements to the band, the second track Ocean is a far more traditional rock song. The chorus is both dark and catchy; this is sound I am a sucker for.

Next up; Sister. Starting with another fantastic opening riff that is impossible to ignore, and building top distorted and gritty vocals; it is another very strong track.

The EP comes to its conclusion with Keep Breathin’ which shows once again the diversity of this two-piece. For me, this track contains elements of Bowie, in particular through the vocals. This is the most down-beat song on the EP, but once again, very dark and powerful.


This is a very impressive release, for a relatively new band. It comes across that Meredith may still being trying to find ‘their sound’; as with any band. I have complete faith that they are more than capable of doing this, and when they do it will be spectacular.

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I didn’t mention it was Nathans birthday just over a week ago.

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