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Negro Fluo – La caída en armonía

Jorge Niklison has been experimenting again and his musical persona Negro Fluo has just made available Duraznos en liquidación and La caída en armonía as a teaser to an upcoming EP.

I wish this were available on vinyl, as La caída en armonía mixes as Jorge acknowledges reverse voices and I am sure reverse sounds though he hasn’t confirmed this, which interplay throughout the 2:38 of the release.

The technical application applied by Negro Fluo to the music can be easily identified by the almost perfect symmetry between the front and back end of the track, as seen in the visualisation. As I said to Jorge, as an Old Punk rocker that is far too much for me, but I certainly appreciate that accuracy and application in creative experimental music.

Duraznos en liquidación is a more conventional piece, if anything by Negro Fluo can be termed conventional in collaboration with Frank Lartirigoyen.

Indie bands blog are delighted to be able to offer you a chance to hear ‘The fall in harmony‘ and ‘Peaches for sale

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Duraznos en liquidación by NegroF

La caída en armonía by NegroF

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