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My Glorious | Home is where the heart breaks

My Glorious, a trio from Vienna, Austria, have just released their debut LP*, Home is where the heart breaks. A 12 track release with the help of Raphael Spanocchi, to generate an LP which contains much experimentation in the laying down of the tracks.

My Glorious | Home is where the heart breaks

My Glorious | Home is where the heart breaks

Love Extenders, the opening track sets the scene for the release as the roar of guitars sets the mood. The vocals are left to make their mark, as the instrumentation is faded until they come to theanthemic chorus. With an extended fade out the track has a live feel to it.

You should be dancing commences with an electro stammer, before breaking in to the powerful sound which is hallmark of My Glorious. With the use of some well structured melody the track takes on a new perspective, somehow joyful, with an undercurrent of a sense of disillusion with the world. (Single currently available on My Glorious**)

Break My Heart has a superb bass intro, how could I not fall for it. With underplayed lyric and guitar and drums all supporting the bass on its ever present rumble, this is my pick of the album.

Mid album, Home is where the heart breaks, slips in to a segment of five tracks which range between just under five and nearly seven minutes in length, which in the hands of a less capable construction would lead my mind to wander. But the band capably bring in a range of moods to these longer tracks, which not only are consistent with the whole LP, but create chapters in a song, which interweave with dramatic musical and lyrical effect. The 5:49 Blind Believer, being the highlight of the segment, where the band take a completely unexpected almost wistful path.

Atmosphere, sees the breathless lyrics and echo effect live up to the namesake, as the track takes on an urgency with a compelling sense of loneliness and desperation, as the instrumentation and drum deftly play off each others mood.

, rounds off the album, with a Joy Division type guitar and muffled distant drum beat, before fading away in to the distance. A great piece on which to close.

The whole LP can be played at full volume, which is my wont, but with the volume down a couple of notches, the nuances and artistry of the band comes to the fore and  the music resonates far better when the volume is below eleven. As the whole LP superbly creates the effect of an engrossing story unfolding.

My Glorious have created an LP in Home is where the heart breaks, which retains a central core focus, yet is able to wander to a diversity of creativity which keeps the listener engaged, throughout.

Thanks for sending through the CD Astrid, much appreciated.

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