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Jointpop Album release The Longest Kiss Goodnight

Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago have recently brought out their album The Longest Kiss Goodnight

Jointpop | The Longest Kiss Goodnight

Jointpop | The Longest Kiss Goodnight

The new album sees Jointpop create a more mellifluous style, as they play to their real strengths.

Opening with Loveless Street, there is no mistaking the characteristic sound of Jointpop. Solid guitar with staccato beat are blended comfortably with interventions from keyboard, as the vocal of Gary ties the the track together.

Planes, Trains and Pain opens with wistful keyboard which is joined by desolate notes from guitar, as the track finds the band in impressive story-telling form.

Maintaining the melancholic theme of the album, Souls Going Cheap, impresses with a solid rock based ballad. The musical capabilities of the band are well presented on this track, which for me is the tour de force of the superbly crafted, The Longest Kiss Goodnight.

We Can’t Work It Out draws references from The Clash as the reflective side of the band is exposed in a track which is pared back to it rawest elements. An exemplary piece of work.

An uplifting and enthusiastic Camden Ketchup marks a well defined mid-way point to the album. A great Rock anthem, with all the essential ingredients of Jointpop, powerful guitar and depth of sound, rounded off with an over-all feeling of it will all work out in the end.

I am sure that was slide guitar I heard peaking out in Dirty Little Secrets, as the band bring out the spirit of ’60s soul to the party.

The Bleeding Broken Hearts Club How could I not fall head over heals for the guitar intro – as scratched picked guitar notes head towards a great tempo, that distinctive off-beat reggae pulse, before a swathe of echoes take hold and Gary is given full space to lead the track forward with a powerful vocal display.

My introduction to Jointpop over a year ago was though Please Don’t Tell My In-laws (I’m an Outlaw) and I enjoy it as much now as I ever did. Fast, controlled and full of references to my home turf, delighted it has made it on to the Album.

The Wrong Side of The Sunshine is another  masterly track on a release in which I am rapidly running out of superlatives. Even the guitar break doesn’t fill my cynical soul with distress as this track encompasses much of what is great about Jointpop. Songwriting, instrumentation, musical capability and composition.

The South of France heads towards the wind-down on The Longest Kiss Goodnight with an acoustic led piece, complete with accordion. As Jointpop live up to their essentially core element that in the end- it really does all work out.

The final track is a radio edit of Souls Going Cheap, a great place to end the album.

The Longest Kiss is an album well worth getting your hands on and as soon as I have a download link I’ll let you know.

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