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Gaoler’s Daughter – The Only Way To Travel EP

Released on 29th November the EP by Gaoler’s Daughter, The Only Way To Travel, Gaoler's Daughter - The Only Way To Travel * finds the band in retrospective mood. The EP is subliminally cheerful as the EP is one full of tracks with superb dance beats.

Gaoler's Daughter - The Only Way To Travel

Gaoler's Daughter - The Only Way To Travel

Opening with picked guitar supporting the distinctive voice of John Sterry, quietly the drums are picked up and heard tapping in the back-ground as the band gradually pick up the pace and volume, until the superb hopping beat takes us on the flight that is Jumbo Jet.

From Russia With Love is a reflection of the death of Alexander Litvinenko. With a superb piece of lyrical writing Gaoler’s Daughter succeed in telling the story from a biographical perspective. Some great guitar work brings the whole atmosphere of the song together.

Clown and Out Blues reminds me of Ian Dury, with a great reggae influence. The off-beat construction, is a sound I always enjoy, relying on strong bass playing.

Sister on the Stairs is the fastest piece, combining rock with the high guitar pick, which is the trademark of the band. On this track, the drums come to prominence, as the sounds drift towards African Kwala beat.

A great EP and again here is the link Gaoler's Daughter - The Only Way To Travel *

Thanks to Laurence, from 360dgm who passed me over a pre-release CD.

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