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Anison debut LP Memory Flashes

Anison from London in England release their ten track debut LP, Memory Flashes in the UK on 30th April 2012, with the USA getting the opportunity at the end of May 2012.

Anison LP Cover for Memory Flash

Anison LP Cover for Memory Flash

The album opens with Repeat The Process, a whirlpool of swooping sounds greet the listener, prior to the space clearing to find the defining vocal wrapped inside a melancholic wrapper of entrancing instrumentation.

Following up with Sail Back to Sleep and the theme of the release becomes more evident, time and its essential timelessness. A rhythmical drum and bass launch, which reminds me of the new romantic era, prior to the switch of gear to explosive rock riffs. The track see-saws delightfully between these two styles through-out.

Spatial Awareness pulls the listener in to a velvetine embrace, gently massaging the senses with the feeling of a private performance, this track draws on melancholic atmospherics and although there is a sense of seedy back-street strip-joint, somehow is seems OK to wallow.

Track four – The Colour Red - is a highly familiar chord re-working yet, instead of becoming a pastiche, there is sufficient strength for this to draw in the head with-out becoming distracted by the highly referenced material.

The Mariachi is a lighter track in which the guitars soar and are captured like a diamond in the spot-light. Delicate inter-play between the musicians showcases a superb piece of music, which engrosses as much as it entertains.

So we are now in to the second half of the album with Pedestrian Thespian. This middle section of a release is often a disappointment, however Anison, don’t let down the impetus and the track finds the band delivering a solid piece of indie rock.

Statuettes grabs the attention as the opening acoustic feel, fills out to a rapidly building sostenuto in which the mind is given free reign to delight in what to me is the pinnacle of Memory Flashes. A sublime piece of music.

Revert to Type does anything but, as Anison expose a driving number which hurtles the listener forward in a maelstrom of creativity. It is a shame we are now just two tracks away from the end as the release is getting ever more intriguing.

Fluidity – well I’ll leave that for you to judge.

Closing the debut LP is Imaginary Lists, which rounds off a generously carved release, that retains attention throughout. The signature delicacy of intro- on this occasion  lingers throughout a piano-led piece, which reflects of a band with much more to deliver and already I am looking forward to what comes next.

Thanks to Louise from AMP Publicity for sending me over the release.

Of you can’t wait for the release, Anison is having a launch gig tonight at the Tooting Tram and Social in London.

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