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March 2010 thanks

Difficult to believe it is now April, though at the same time can’t believe how much I have packed in to the year so far, but that isn’t the point of writing this article.

I would like to thank the readers of the website, for taking time out of their day to read the articles and connect through the associated sites.

It might be helpful to let you know of some of the other ways you can keep in touch with what is happening.

If you are just after a quick glance at videos, there is a site dedicated purely to video material, Indie Music Videos.

The Twitter account, will keep you informed with the latest that is happening with bands.

The facebook page, finds not only news on bands, but direct messages from musicians.

A brand new online CD store, which is slowly being added to, will enable you to find physical CDs from bands on the website.

And of course our free weekly newsletter, which provides a gig guide, news on releases and more.

There are more sites related to the main website, I’ll add those another day. I hope they all add some value to helping the readers find the best indie music from around the globe.

I couldn’t write an article of thanks, without mentioning the bands, as with them, there would be nothing for anyone to read. I have had the great fortune to meet some really great people at the gigs and I hope to be able to meet many more. Without the creative skills of the musicians, the world would be a duller place and it is a pleasure to be able to write about the hard work they put in to making every day seem better than the one before.

To the sponsors of the website I extend further thanks, particularly to:



Madeloud continue to provide sponsorship to the site, as they continue to develop a great portal for musicians and fans to connect.

On real one to one personal note, I would like to thank Jon, from Jon & Lynn, who finally pushed me in to adding a paypal donate button to the site, and to everyone who has made a donation, musician and fan alike, it is really pleasing to know that the site adds value to you.

Enjoy April and I hope the site keeps drawing you back to explore more of the best indie music from around the world.

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