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Reader’s Wives at Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll Club

Sometimes you look around a venue and know before the band get on stage it is going to be a great evening and that was precisely the atmosphere at the Reader’s Wives show on Thursday night at the Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll club in London. How could it possibly go wrong when on arrival a small bag was presented containing a blackjack and a fruit-salad sweet (It’s a UK thing, I haven’t lost my marbles).

Readers Wives photo credit Daniel D'Souza

Readers Wives photo credit Daniel D'Souza

By the time the band had taken to the stage, the narrow venue was full as people waited in anticipation for the gig to start and suddenly Reader’s Wives were blasting their way through Light up. Niall O has great stage presence and his ability to combine self deprecating humour with serious lyrical content is superb to watch. Sexually Attracted to myself is brought to life by Niall Os’ stage craft.

Reader's Wives by Daniel D'Souza

Reader's Wives by Daniel D'Souza

At this point we were invited to raise our glasses and expectant of a sermon, the audience followed suit, to which Niall O merely wished us cheers and the band played on. This is a band who are in complete control of their music and performance. The staccato guitar and drum need precision timing to work and Reader’s Wives have it down to a tee. Guitars stopping precisely in time and recommencing right on cue.

Doug on drums and Disko on Bass keep a high tempo as the songs demand and are then able to control the slower pieces working really well together. On the guitars Niall O and Chris keep absolute relevance to the mood. The whole perception is of a band who really enjoy their craft and are determined to put out the best of themselves in performance with the skills to do this in a way that makes it all seem so naturally easy. Annabella and Victor’s mother Juliet were played with the band in full flow and confident mood.

Reader's Wives live @ Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll Club by Daniel D'Souza

Reader's Wives live @ Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll Club by Daniel D'Souza

By the time we had reached the end of the set, A sight for sore eyes, the audience were completely enthralled by the gift of the blarney stone that is Niall O. It was a fantastic set list which encompassed pretty well the essence of Reader’s Wives. It is of no surprise that the following is loyal and rapidly expanding and I would most certainly recommend getting out to see them when possible and in the mean time grabbing hold of their new EP, Secrecy & Sex Reader's Wives - Secrecy & Sex - EP.

I didn’t get much of an opportunity to meet the band before the gig, as I was stuck in traffic on the way in and afterwards I was able to grab a couple of minutes with Niall and Chris before they had to grab their kit from the stage. Thanks guys, great evening and hope to catch you again soon. For more on Reader’s Wives.

My blackjack and fruit-salad are perfectly safe…

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