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Mono Stereo – The London gigs November 2009

Sometimes a series of gigs is just destined not be what it was meant to be and Mono Stereo had one of those trips in November.

Mono Stereo

Mono Stereo

On arrival in the UK, the band arrived in the UK at Stansted airport and everything was going well so they thought, but unfortunately admin caught up with them. Lauren, who has just started to play with the band and was intending to add a keyboard accompaniment found that for her to enter the UK, she needed a Working Visa. Despite numerous calls and attempts to sort out the situation, the wonderfully named UK Border Force (that is a whole other blog I write), decided all was not in order and helped her back aboard a plane bound for Sweden while the remainder of the band sat in limbo around the airport.

The whole set needed a revision and they played that night at Flowerpot (gig review), surely nothing else could go wrong….

Well it did, the indie bands blog photographer who was due to take photographs at Proud Galleries, was introduced to a band and started to take snaps, but unbeknown to him, while he was snapping, Mono Stereo were playing – he had been sent to the wrong room, fortunately a video is available of Tambourine at Proud.

Surely nothing else could happen… you couldn’t be more wrong. The final gig at Ryan’s Bar – the venue cut short after just four songs as it was getting late and the music was too loud.

It was a jinxed week for 360dgm bands, as Reader’s Wives who had an EP due out with availability on itunes found a delay of four days before itunes got their act together and the initial Mono Stereo release, due for release on itunes the same day, had a technical problem which meant that tracks were delivered incorrectly.

All has been resolved, I met the guys from 360dgm a couple of times that week and I think I watched them grow older each day, they fought, they dealt with it and all is well in the end.

The guys from Mono Stereo grew thicker skins and still played great sets, good on them.

With a release due out shortly and a potential US tour coming up in the New Year, they may think the UK was a problem, but the fact they fought through it, changed sets and still came out and played is a testament to the band.

Catch them in Stockholm and Gothenburg over the next few weeks.

Follow the link to find out – who are Mono Stereo?

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2 Responses to “Mono Stereo – The London gigs November 2009”
  1. lauren says:

    are they playing gigs in stockholm and goteborg? that would be awesome!

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