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Foxy Shazam | Flowerpot Camden February 2010

I had headed to Flowerpot Camden to see The Supernovas and unusually for the venue found two bands billed, the first being Foxy Shazam. I must get a decent photograph of the stage at Flowerpot which will explain my fascination with the pole in the middle of the stage. How there was no blood loss from the band I will never know.

Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam

The experimental six piece band from Ohio, were heading back to the US the following day and had plenty of energy to spare. Opening with an A capella they rapidly melted away to  their instruments and they were off. The venue was packed with fans looking to catch them on their last night in the UK and Foxy Shazam were in no mood to disappoint.

Eric Nally, rambled in to some great, extended anecdotes between songs. Alex Nauth on trumpet was determined to blow the roof off the venue and Sky White, partially hidden behind the bar was in top form on keys.

Foxy Shazam are a band who need to be seen to be fully understood. The whirlwind that is the band were completely at ease on the small stage, which somehow seemed to expand to enable Eric and the rest of the band to perform with their usual exuberance.

The proximity of the enthusiastic supporters who were evidently enjoying the show wrapped in to the performance of the band and at times the two seemed to become one. It was a fun gig, greatly appreciated by those who were in attendance. Despite the energy emitted by the band, I doubt they slept on the plane back to the USA.

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