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December Thanks

I hope you are all having a great start to the new decade and enjoyed the holiday season.

As has become something of a custom, I am grabbing a page to pass on a few thanks for the month just gone.

December was as you would expect December to be, quiet periods and very busy times, so I I would like to pass on my appreciation to the readers of the blog, who managed to find some space in their days to get over to read the blog, particularly during the run up to Christmas, when I wasn’t exactly hitting the keyboard very hard.

To the bands who made contact during the holiday period, I appreciate your contact and I am sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to everyone yet. I promise I will respond to your emails, I am just working though a bit of a back-log. It is always a real pleasure when bands take the initiative to make contact to let me know about their music. I can’t promise to get back in five minutes, but I will take a listen to the music and get back to you. Without your creativity, I would have nothing to write about, so please don’t take a delay in response as ignorance on my side, just time pressure.

To the advertisers, once again once again your support is massively important and thanks for continuing to have faith in the blog.



Particular thanks go to MadeLoud, who are continuing to attract a growing number of bands and fans to their portal of services.

To Music Manifesto, once again thanks for the continue support and credit to you for helping new bands make sense of the business side of this industry.

With a new template on the way, advertising will be changing later this month, so will moving round the blog, making every-ones life easier I hope.

My final thanks go to the bands already on the site, many of whom I am in regular contact. I wish all of you all the success you are after and look forward to hearing what you guys are doing gig and release wise, as well as the inevitable line-up changes and new starts that will happen to some.

Please keep sending through the news and bands who are missing. I have just started a facebook page on which I am hoping the bands will add some more snippets of what they are up to and some of the late breaking news that wont be written on the main site will appear. We also have a newsletter, which is a weekly digest of what is happening and coming up.

To sign-up for the newsletter head over here

To join the facebook page, here is the link

Have a great year everyone and thanks for supporting the site.


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