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Indie band of the week 17th October – Mono stereo

Topping the top 10 chart for the indie bands blog,  band of the week for w/e 17th October is Mono Stereo.

Mono Stereo

Mono Stereo

Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 17th October 2009.

  1. Mono Stereo Sweden (new entry)
  2. Jon and Lynn USA (unchanged)
  3. The Drums USA (- 2 places)
  4. Juliet Gough Denmark (- 1 place)
  5. The Pocket Gods UK (new entry)
  6. The Gadsdens UK (- unchanged)
  7. Vaqueros Paganos Argentina (- 3 places)
  8. Reader’s Wives Ireland (new entry)
  9. Gary War – USA (- 4 places)
  10. Divorce UK (re-entry)

Mono Stereo from Sweden, with the superb interplay between the two guitars, driven forward by relentless bass and drums have stormed in to the Indie Bands chart and have climbed to the number one spot. With a new EP to be released later this month and a supporting tour, Mono Stereo are certain to develop even stronger interest.

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One Response to “Indie band of the week 17th October – Mono stereo”
  1. Charlie Smeaks says:

    Mono Stereo are a great band – I’m looking forward to seeing them again in London at Smash and Grab in November. Good to see some exposure for the chaps.

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