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Band of the month January 2010

The band of the month for January 2010 on the indie bands blog band of the month top twenty chart, is The Brassic, from London, UK.

The Brassic

The Brassic

After some furious last minute voting for The Brassic on the last day and steady voting for Elephantom throughout the 7 days and despite few votes for Gaolers Daughter, the top three spots were very close this month. When the internal statistics were added to the votes, there was very little separating these bands. Getting in to the chart this month was difficult enough, to come out as the number one on such a tight chart is great credit to The Brassic.

With a readership drawn from over 70 countries in January, the band of the month chart reflects this gloal reach, with bands from 6 different countries represented.

1.    The Brassic UK (new entry)
2.    Elephantom USA (new entry)
3.    Gaoler’s Daughter UK (down 1 place)
4.    The Drums USA (unchanged)
5.    Mono Stereo Sweden (up 4 places)
6.    Stellarscope USA (new entry)
7.    The Gadsdens UK (down 6 places)
8.    Long Long Showers Sweden (down 1 place)
9.    Gary War USA (down 1 place)
10.  Krakatoa UK (down 7 places)
11.  Fez UK (new entry)
12.  The XX UK (up 7 places)
13.  The Pocket Gods UK (up 4 places)
14.  Divorce UK (up 2 places)
15.  Kabul Dreams Afghanistan (new entry)
16.  Reader’s Wives Ireland (down 4 places)
17.  Lunaria Argentina (down 4 places)
18.  Richard Jay UK (new entry)
19.  The Swing Movement UK (re-entry)
20.  The Supernovas UK (new entry)

The Brassic have started off the year in great style, as they gain a wider audience and are working hard to secure more gigs. They are quickly being found up by music fans as they gain both increasing airplay and greater press coverage.

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2 Responses to “Band of the month January 2010”
  1. Fisher says:

    Thanks Sam

    Im liking your sound.



  2. samagawea says:

    Congrats, Brassic. I dig your video.


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