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Band of the Month February 2011

A short month February and the Band of the Month Chart has once again been a close call. Taking the number one spot for the top 20 chart this month – Hot Head Show from England

Hot Head Show

Hot Head Show

1. Hot Head Show (England)

Bummer / Hotel Room by Hot Head Show is available on Bummer / Hotel Room - Single - Hot Head Show*

2. Missing Andy (England)

The Greatest Show on Earth – Act I by Missing Andy is available on The Greatest Show On Earth - Act I - Missing Andy*

3. City of Glass (Canada)

Equations by City of Glass is available on Equations - EP - City Of Glass*

4. Islington Boys Club (England)

Pristine / Plastic 16 by Islington Boys Club is available on Pristine / Plastic 16 - Islington Boys Club*

5. 100 Monkeys (USA)

Live and Kickin – I by 100 Monkeys is available from Live and Kickin 1 - 100 Monkeys*

6. Passion Project (USA)

The eponymous release by Passion Project is available on Passion Project - Passion Project*

7. Constellation (England)

Flower Song by Constellation is available from Flower Song - Flower Song - Single*

8. OfeliaDorme (Italy)

All Harm Ends Here by OfeliaDorme is available on All Harm Ends Here - Ofeliadorme*

9. Papercuts (USA)

You Can Have What You Want by Papercuts is available on You Can Have What You Want (Bonus Track Version) - Papercuts*

10. New Found Land (Germany)

The Bell by New Found Land is available on The Bell - New Found Land*

11. The Heartbreaks (England)

I Didn’t Think it Would Hurt to Think of You by The Heartbreaks is available on I Didn't Think It Would Hurt to Think of You - Single - The Heartbreaks*

12. Marla Mase (USA)

A Brief Night Out by Marla Mase is available from our Bandcamp Store

13. My Glorious (Austria)

Home is Where the Heart Breaks by My Glorious is available on Home Is Where The Heart Breaks - My Glorious*

14. The Polyamorous Affair (USA)

White Hot Magic by The Polyamorous Affair is available on White Hot Magic - Single - The Polyamorous Affair*

15. This Vision (Sweden)

The Eponymous release by This Vision is available on This Vision - This Vision*

16. Bone (Ireland)

17. The Brassic (England)

18. Audiogold (England)

Last Skies released when the band was called Audigold is available on Last Skies EP - Audigold*

19.  Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo (England)

Unscathed by Andy De Rosa and Electric Mojo is available on Unscathed - Andy De Rosa & Electric Mojo*

20. The Pins (England)

7:22 by The Pins is available on 7:22 - The Pins*

A great looking chart this month. Thanks to the readers and voters from the newsletter for helping to compile the band of the month chart.

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