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A message of thanks February 2011

It has been a while since I passed on my thanks, not because I wasn’t thankful to the readers, musicians and sponsors who keep the Indie Bands Blog alive, just that I was snowed under, well to be fair I still am and there are a myriad of exciting bands to let you know about as soon as I am able.



To the readers:

Well, in reality, without people reading the blog, there is little point in writing. I am as ever hugely grateful to everyone who takes the time out of their busy schedule to read the missives on the blog.

To the readers and fans who send in band suggestions and updates, yes please, it is always great to receive news of the bands you really enjoy.

Thanks for your support, whether it is just on the website, through our newsletter, facebook page or twitter account, it is greatly appreciated.

To the Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors and in particular


Who have been with the blog pretty well since inception.

To the readers and bands who have navigated to the donate page, your donations are greatly appreciated and help with the running costs of the website.

To the bands and musicians:

Whether you have contacted me directly or through your support team, without your continued inspiration the Indie Bands Blog would have nothing to write about. My heartfelt thanks and admiration go out to you.

I thought I would leave you with a sponsored advert by stereoboard, a great source for gig news.

Stereoboard are sponsoring the indie bands blog through every play of the video below up until 7th March. Please don’t play the video for the sake of it as that helps no-one except me. But if you are up for a moment of humour and are an avid gig attender, then take a look and head over to stereoboard.com for more information.

Have a brilliant month and please keep in touch.


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