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Singleton is an indie rock band from Kiev in the Ukraine, with eight years  behind them Alina Fedorova -(vocals), Jim Walt (guitar), Dmitriy “Choochoon” Chudakov (bass) and Vitaliy Yermak (drums) have taken a while to gain a broader recognition, well I can’t say I have fared too well on Ukrainian bands, as this is just my second dip in to the water.



A scintillating vocal highlights the band which has the classic construct of guitar led rock. The music doesn’t lend itself to new streets, yet the band sound like something special. I guess the pipeline gas problems which sit as a political maelstrom yet to burst in to flames – no let’s not go to my political angsts here – has restrained the band from further exposure, though there is now a growing interest in Germany.  I welcome bands from all over the world, yet it seems that somewhere there is a blockage for the very newest bands from outside the UK and USA from taking a chance in  sending me a note, not sure why, you can translate this site to most languages via the plug-in to the side of the articles, it is a shame.

Anyway enough of me, Singleton, follow the lines to be anticipated of an indie rock band - drums leading the rolling tide with a bass closely in-line and a guitar which provides preambles and excursion and a vocal which sits above it all. Yet, the combination here makes for an entertaining a stretching listening experience. They are comfortable introducing new structures to the out-put and the powerful vocal has the ability to chorale the diversity to a higher level and it is when Singleton explore this diversity that the majestic sweeps of the compositions come to light and the head becomes absorbed in a highly capable band, who have much to add.


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