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The Exhibition

Spring 2008, in Barnsley in England, four friends got together to form The Exhibition, driven by a desire to create and shape their own music. Fast forward to 2010 the band has released three demos including a 4 track EP, which came out in February and are in the process of recording their debut single, due for release later this year on National Importance Records. Pete Dand (Vocals/Guitar), Joel Burrows (Guitar), Chris Harston (Drums) and Murray (Bass) have gelled well as a unit and with three strong songwriters are able to maintain a momentum of new material and are beginning to establish a touring presence.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition

The echoed reverbing guitars are off-set superbly by the clear low baritone vocals of Pete, which are resonant of Ian Curtis, the whole effect lifted in to a new place by the great inter-play between the guitars.

Dark lyric is merged to great effect with the tempo maintained by a crisp drum snap and bass, which is lightened further by the guitar which leaves me with the impression of a rococo style picture frame around an impressionist painting, lit by a rotating club light. I have read that previous sentence more than once and still leave it to stand.

The Exhibition would be a great band to see live, this is music to share as they take the listener to a space filled with strong emotional content. I am an instant fan of the sharp power drumming Chris brings to the band and as a band they have something really interesting and refreshing to add to the world of the rock. The Boy & The Tearaway – by The Exhibition by Of National Importance

The recent 4 track demo EP  by The Exhibition is available as a free download through their myspace page.

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