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Rollor is a two piece industrial rock band from Glasgow comprising Matt Harris (Vocals / Guitar) and David Collins  ( Bass) and a certain drum machine aka Dr Drumrollor.



Detuned instruments clatter in to the room and an engaging mix of frantic energy is let loose. The Bass reminds me of Jean-Jacques Brunel of The Stranglers, with those strings as loose as they can unwind, whilst the frenetic lead guitar whirls away like a drill bit. There is no time to dwell on the individual notes as they rip through the ears and the brain is left in a maelstrom of sound, a bit like images through a lantern Slide. Snaps of sound are processed by the brain, but by then the band has moved on another hand-full of notes.

Rollor is able to maintain this frenetic pace for some considerable time, as exampled by the single Jekyll Island, which lasts for over eight minutes. There is nothing not to really enjoy about the material the band releases as it is all done with panache. This isn’t fast for the sake of it. Once the brain has had time to settle there is a clarity to the sound that projects images in the mind with a passion.


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