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Back in 2005 there was an idea and over time that idea developed in to the Sevenoaks England based alternative rock band Zigo. The current line-up of Tom Corbett (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards), James FitzGerald (Bass), Will Hayes (Drums) and Ian Iliopoulos (Guitar) has been stable for a while and is now setting in to a concrete foundation.



I am reminded of my younger days. In addition to being a hard-core punk rock vocalist, I also had as a side-project another band – The Invisible Sandwiches – a blues guitarist was the core of the band and ironically the other band members were from the environs of Sevenoaks and Orpington. Well, here I sit 30 years later listening to a sound I recognize, other than my own vocal sits in bass, so a couple of octaves lower.

Zigo have the tools at their disposal to make a mark on the music scene, the jazz influences play heavily, which draws the band in to space which is a bit like Marmite. Whilst I like Marmite I don’t like jazz, but that is my ears not their capability. When they wend over to the rockabilly and blues then to my ears they emerge like larks at dawn.

The fact that they can stretch across such a reach of music with equal capability attests to the depth of skills that sit within the band. This is a sound  which will capture the ears of many a music fan, but I ponder as to whether the diversity will alienate as many. But that alienation is the issue for the audience, not a criticism of the band as wherever they lay their hat, the material is of first rate construct.

Probably not destined for the highlights until they hone down the space in which they wish to focus, as in this instance the spread works against the band not for it, that said The Fall demonstrate,  diversity can lead to longevity. Nevertheless Zigo stamp a generous space for themselves in the world of music and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to introduce the band.


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