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Youtha is an indie rock band from Stoke-on-Trent in England. Stuart Whiston (Vocals & Guitar), Mike Lo Bosco (Lead Guitar), Darren Edwards (Bass) and Matthew Jones (Drums) released their 3 track debut EP Empty Rooms in September 2012.



I had been having a pretty uninspiring morning and then I came across an email from Stu and the day seemed a lot better. I always find simply constructed material played with enthusiasm makes me smile and Youtha deliver that by the bucket load. The material sticks to the core of what the band want to express and the vehicle chosen enables that vigorous intensity to burn like a lighthouse on a stormy night.

There are plenty of easy references I could draw, but to do so is to miss the esprit de cops of the band. They are not trying to reinvent the world, merely use familiar tools to carve their own space and it has enough originality to do that nicely without hiding the bands who give them influence.

The repositioning they make to the influences provides the listener with a sense of freshness and currency that will breathe a new blast of energy to a fans of a genre which is become ever more populated and unoriginal sounding, to the detriment of the style definition. It is thanks to bands like Youtha that music can remain as a cold shower to the system. Sure the taps are the same, but the blast is invigorating and for that I raise a smile and a sense of anticipation not despair that there remains energy and soul in the world.


The EP Empty Rooms is available on Empty Rooms - Single - Youtha*

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