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Woman E

Woman E is an electro-pop out-fit from London in England. Ria Berlin (Vocals) and Oover Matic (Synths / Trumpet) who combine to add a valuable dimension to the genre.

Woman E

Woman E

This is as far to the mainstream as I dare wander without having a nervous breakdown, but somehow I seem to find the textures of electro-pop far easier to bear than would otherwise be anticipated. The decadence of synths when handled well are an attractor to my ears and ever have been and it is that ability that draws me to Woman E, this combined with the nihilistic lyric.

There is something connective like that piece of fat in a Rump Steak that just tastes so good, but is so difficult to digest that lies with the sounds that the band generates. They don’t push the boundaries of the club scene to the edges, but on this occasion sitting in the middle is a good place to be as the band successfully finds itself rising above the pyramid as they take clean lines of simple compositions and blur them round the edges to craft something with enough for the imagination want to grapple with.

I can’t say it will sit on any of my playlists, but certainly a worthwhile addition to the Indie Bands Blog as they take the centre ground and demonstrate it can have a contextual appeal.


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