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Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation from the North London suburbs in England update That’s Life with their indie rock renditions explored by the trio of Joe Finnigan (Guitar /Vocal), Aiden Eggenton (Bass /Vocals) and Jamie Wilsdon (Drums).

Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation

I was all at sea when I hit play and I still am, but the fact that I am writing demonstrates I am smitten. I am not a fan of the Police influences, uninspired by the exaggerated Narf Landarn accents, not buying in to the Clash references, but where they hit home is when they head to the QEII Storage Reservoir and lift the mood along with some enervating guitar fret work.

Wideboy Generation is a delight of drum, guitar and vocal, but as you may well expect it is the bass that steals it, sublime. Simple constructs bounce out of the speakers and cascade against the walls demanding a bondage legged pogo, as they throw caution to the wind and deliver a highly enthusiastic and energetic set of tracks to grab the listener.

As you will have gotten from the opening paragraph, I think they spread their net too wide but why not as a new band. However the power-base lies in the simplicity of QEII etc. aka Hersham – home of Sham 69, where they add a superbly written second decade of the twenty-first Century repost the angst of the eight decade of the Twentieth Century. Let me hear more of this as soon as possible and thank you Wideboy Generation for being relevant and absolutely of now.


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