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They Might Swim

They Might Swim a grunge rock band from Brighton in England is the four piece of Benjamin Everett (Guitar / Vocals), Selena Orkwis (Guitar / Vocals), Paul Atkin (Bass) and Anthony Probert (Drums).

They Might Swim

They Might Swim

I typed Brighton, but I find myself in Philadelphia where this would be a natural home and bravely stepping in to Brighton they have much to add to the local scene. There is something that just attracts my ears to a band seeking to add a wave to the ripple of the accepted music in a locality and in the UK we find this frequently.

But were that all I wouldn’t ask you to spend a moment on it  and would just add it to my private playlist.

Simple compositions are feathered, tarred and brushed with emotional layers of poignancy to sweep across the room like a robot vacuum cleaner, gathering all in its path prior to heading off to further recesses.  I am thinking of getting one of those as they just seem like a sensible idea so any feedback on the best manufacturer more than welcome…. anyway heading back to They Might Swim while the machine does its thing…. Unlike the programmed version of the sweeper, the quartet wrap up the brain in a context of sound that lives and breathes in the ears, whispering sweet menaces though the delightful combination of sultry vocal and decadent instrumentation, which sort of leads us back to the Philidelphia – Boston – Brooklyn triangulation where this would sit in home territory.

I hope the local environs will appreciate this for what it is – unpretentious rock fuzz with the potential of a great night out – on a global spectrum – yes one to add to the playlist.


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