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The Scintillas

The Scintillas is an indie rock band based in South West London, England. The line-up of  Nev Evans, Paul Smart, Laura Callaghan and Jesse Butler have undergone a couple of name changes, but have found a steady banner under which to release a single – Say What You Like and a follow up EP in the works.

The Scintillas

The Scintillas

There is a strength in melodic composition that captures the audience from the off and this combined with a quirky sense of humour that is reflected in the angles from which they approach the songs makes for The Scintillas to create an immediate impact on those new to the sounds.

The various layers to the sound are predominately played at a fairly sedate pace, in which the ears can take their time to allow the music to mellow in the head, although they are equally able to up the tempo and deliver something that not only captivates the head, but also has the torso moving.

Iterations of Northern Soul can be found inside the root of the music, which is pipetted with a dub reggae reflection over which The Scintillas layer their melodic constructs to afford the audience plenty to focus on and it is the slower tempo that gives the quartet the opportunity to flourish and showcase the abilities that lie within the band.

I have had the opportunity to hear some of the un-mastered tracks which is always a personal pleasure as it let’s me discover the heart and soul of the sound and what I hear is –  whilst the band is aiming to run a serious foray in to the the world of music, they equally play with enthusiasm and freshness which undoubtedly delivers a strong live-performance.

All in all – whilst not sitting in my own core metric, I can see The Scintillas doing well and I hope they can keep an even keel on the sense of direction in which they have now set course.


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