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The Polysonic

Polysonic is the vehicle through which the Reading, England based singer song-writer Tom Wolfe delivers his electro-pop-rock.

The Polysonic

The Polysonic

Electro-pop and yet above we find an image of a good old upright from the oldest established piano makers in the world? I could equally have posted an image of a six or four stringed electric guitar as these all make appearances, but not of a drum-kit.

A fine mesh of gauze emerges to encase the front of the speakers before the creativity of Tom Wolfe is permitted to tumble in to the room and it is refracted in the lace, tumbling through to the ears in a triangulation of sound. I am some-how wrested back to nights at The Blitz Club in Covent Garden.

Another solo artist who spends time to deliver the intended sounds, a tweak of this and a drop of that takes considerable time as a solo musician rattling between three instruments plus a synth, yet The Polysonic handles it all with ease and delivers it all with a chilled vodka to the listener.

I remain excited about emerging musicians able to take an old standard and rework it to a current relevance, as much as I am by those who stride new paths and The Polysonic is a delightful vehicle to reflect on a gap of 30 years and drop some acidifier in to the pot.

Even more engagingly I have had the opportunity to hear a few of the tracks in a forthcoming LP, which will be reviewed in due course….


Come Down is available on Come Down - Single - The Polysonic*

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*Purchases made through the Come Down - Single - The Polysonic link will result in the Indie Bands Blog earning a commission.

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