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The Playmakers

The Playmakers, from Cirencester in England are a three piece alternative rock out-fit made up of Charlie Cooper (Guitar and Vocals),  Will Jones (Bass and Vocals) and Joe Arthur (Drums) who have been around since the summer of this year 2011.

The Playmakers

The Playmakers

It is always great to hear new bands with brand new material, it reminds me of the late ’70s and early ’80s when the cost of a ‘premium recording’ 8 track precluded most of us, so we hit the record button on a cassette player in the practice studio and hey ho a demo, which was sent off with absolute belief to clubs and pubs and you know what, that was the world and strangely enough that is still the world. It doesn’t matter if you use some massive multi-layer system if the music is rubbish it only sounds like glossy rubbish, where as a rough cut has far more integrity and if you have something it will come through, so we get to The Playmakers, this doesn’t ever need hours and hours of remixing, it comes arching out of the speakers and demands respect.

I am in the fortunate position of receiving well over 50 introductions a day, which means I can sink in moss, I can also sometimes just want to shout Eureka and here we are. This is joyful, simple and honest.

To my simple ears the out-put from these guys contains every essential element of a decent band. Superb inter-play, the necessary beat to keep the head alive, sincerity and integrity.

The more I listen, the more I slip back in time, thank you The Playmakers for making today a special day.



Just a few months old, this is a band I look forward to following.

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