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The Chances

The Chances is an alternative synth-rock band comprising Johnny Kincaid (Vocals / Synth), Ned Wall (Bass), Dan Rankin (Guitar) and Justice Arkorful (Drums) from Brighton in England.

The Chances

The Chances

Perchance I was having a conversation with a guy who works in a diversity of roles in the music industry as an advisor and do-er and our conversation settled around Brighton for a while and we both agreed there is some superb music around this Southern Coastal town, we then also agreed that for some reason Brighton seems to suck in bands and never let them go. I hope that The Chances don’t disappear into this vortex, great as the local scene may be.

A dark smoke emerges in to the room as the underlay of dark rock sweeps in to the room, rapidly building as tinctures of a range of influences are melded in to the pot and the listener becomes entranced by an engrossing bass / percussion, over which layers of octaves are fused and the audience finds themselves arrhythmical swaying as tempo shifts are deployed to emphasise chapters in the songs.  The Chances ability to keep the ears slightly on edge, is a real joy as it ensures the material has plenty to offer and it is that sense of anticipation that wraps the attention. Sweeping key changes are deployed with accuracy.

It is possible to draw correlations with some of the top-notch avant-garde bands of previous generations, but I feel that the quartet have made this a sound for the ’10s and harking back to earlier ensembles would be to detract from the genuine exploratory and creative nature of The Chances.


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