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Target:Renegades formerly known as Hellbound Rebels is a rock band from Warrington in England. The line-up of Adam Hulse (vocals), Dan Fido (guitar / vocals), Jack Hamnett (bass) and Steve Erskine (drums) decided on a name change as after extensive touring they began to develop a more thoughtful sound and felt that there was strong differentiator warranting a fresh start.



The sounds are reflective of a failing Society as Target:Renegades explore the close-up evidence they have of injustice and they wrap it in a sonic of guitar led heavy rock that is transmuted to a more accessible space. Raw edges are left tattered which add to the over-all picture of what is on hand and their ability to on the one hand throw out red raw heavy rock while somehow making it fit in to a different context, gives them a genuine resonance that will appeal to a wider audience than is typically the case.

There is no lack of power and drive that sears through the acerbic lyric and instrumentation with a wild ride of percussion that keeps the listener on the ever ready, but they have been able to focus on an out-put that is somehow more muted and it is this additional dimension that adds to the effectiveness of the sounds.

The debut EP which came out in late summer 2012 Corruption For Beginners was a good starting point and it will be interesting to see if this direction of travel can be maintained on future material by Target:Renegades.


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