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Straylings, based around the duo of Dana Zeera and Oliver Drake, is a string of abstract nouns – Indie, Folk, Rock, Alternative – band from London in England.



There is an engaging symmetry that shards from the speakers, each laser is the vocal of Dana which shatters in to the ears like breaking glass. Think of an SLR and you will get the gist of it, not a machine-gun fire, but a pretty dot of bullets you can’t escape, whilst the music spreads like a battlefield smoke-screen and you just know your knees will buckle and mouth spurt with blood as the valedictory of the state of the 21st Century selfish arrogance comes home to roost.

Sometimes you meet a musical nerve, where despite yourself you just have to give it space, akin to Dylan when he gets out the harmonica, you just know it is wrong, but, it is just so right, so here I find myself with Straylings. This is a genuine space in which to lay and revel in the ability of humans to devour their compass and spit out an alternative direction.

Unlikely to ever to hit the same space as their forebears, but equally as deserving, thank you Straylings for doing what you do and long may you do it.


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