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Straw is an alternative indie trio from London in England. The trio of Mark “Ensign” KrupnikovsJuno JangMartino Mattu deliver a refreshing shower to the day.



With a sense of self-deprecating humour they describe themselves as ‘We are the best band in the world even though our music is kinda average’. Well I can’t get myself to agree with either statement. As an old punk rocker what else would you expect on the former and as for the latter, well I wouldn’t be writing the review if I agreed.

Within seconds of hitting play the enthusiasm and solid structures emerge and the enthusiastic delivery engages the brain. The lyrics deliver a far sharper barb on the reflections of life than the smiling edifice initially signal. I would have liked the opportunity to hear more of the material which has the ability to sear in to the brain like a branding iron. The trio wrestle with some fairly intricate interplay between the three players, which they handle with comfort, leaving the ears to enjoy the sound and have no concerns over the delivery.

The sound suits more introspective moments to which the rolling material syncopates, whilst simultaneously like an astringent, raises the senses as it weaves its work.

New out of the block it will be interesting to find out how this develops.


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