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Sonner from Sunderland in England deliver an emotional heart to rock music as Mick Corkhill, Gareth Ord, Tom Elliott and Gary Partridge reflect the world around them.



The more I hear musicians from the North East of England, the more I question my long-held perceptions. I am wondering whether this really is the hardened face of industrial deprivation as many of the musicians seem to have a strong grasp of their inner feelings, which they express through an almost whimsical vocal and difficult as I find the spoken accent to grapple with, when sung, there is an easy to understand lilting quality.

Sonner is another band which has lain in my in-box for far too long as they add a genuine and heart-felt string to the bow, which leads to the music driving straight to the heart not requiring any logical thought process. The robust percussion and bass deliver a trench in to which the guitar and vocal pour smolten emotions.

They have been raising their profile in the London circuit recently and in fact won’t be playing their first home gig for 2012 until May and I would hope this travel serves them well in garnering the wider interest that they deserve.


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