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Sondura is a rock band from London in England. Formed in 2008, the quartet of  Tom Watson (Vocals / Guitar), Jack Watson (Guitar / Vocals), Stevie D (Bass) and Freddie Green (Drums) have gone from strength to strength with a new single You Remain set to drop from their forthcoming LP.



If this were mere bluster and fluster, which Sondura can do with the best of heavy rock bands, it is unlikely I would have gotten round to writing a review just yet, but they aren’t the quartet have more to offer to the listener. Fitting together like leather gauntlets, the band can entice the audience with some good old fashioned air-guitar opportunities, they are however, equally adept at pushing the fans back in to the chair to take in the melodic and story-telling lines and it is this adroit handling of the different styles which marks them out as a band worth taking the time to get to know. I am reminded of Ambershift and My Glorious.

Like a long flowing cloak the material is cut of generous length, which enables Sondura to explore the depths of the tracks,  typically running at the four to five minute mark, adding considerable creative value, without them becoming ever-lasting indulgences.


Live Before You Die is available on Live Before You Die - Sondura*

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