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Si Cranstoun

Si Cranstoun is a Rock ‘n’ Roll performer based in London in England.

Si Cranstoun

Si Cranstoun

Hit play and you are immediately transported to Twisted Wheel in Manchester and labels like Chess with Tony Clarke, But were this just retro- then it would have little currency other than a good cabaret act, enough reminiscing about Northern Soul. This is also firmly time-switched to make a great superb sound in 2012. It would take a philistine to not find their hips tempted to take a run out on the floor, this is music that does what music has done since time-immemorial, raise a smile, gets people together and sets the body free to move with the sound.

Sometimes that simple concept gets lost in the desire to explore new spaces, but Si Cranstoun and his band have no reason to do anything other than what they do well, make people feel good. This contains all you need, to make the day seem far brighter. Wind instruments, keys, strings, skins and vocals. All put together in a timeless feel-good package. That isn’t to say the material is simplistic, far from it, these are highly talented musicians who have that innate ability to write songs with the power to work their way in to the veins and eradicate the slough of life.

There is plenty of opportunity to get to see Si Cranstoun live pretty well wherever you are as he is busy touring and a debut LP out imminently - Dancehalls And Supper Clubs.

Jo Kane at Quite Great PR is someone from whom I look forward to receiving emails with ever increasing anticipation.


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