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Seething Akira

Seething Akira is a dubstep-rock band from Portsmouth in England. Currently seeking Management representation – the four-piece of Kit Conrad (Vocals), Charlie Bowes (Vocals / Synths), Studas Lopez (Guitar / Vocals) and Stu Radcliffe (Drums) are making a decent fist of doing it all themselves.

Seething Akira

Seething Akira – photo credit – Derek Johnston Photography

A refreshing combination of sounds emerge from the speakers, ambient electronics, dubstep references and rock guitar, Seething Akira is a band well worth taking time to check-out. That may sound like an ingredient too far, but I assure you it isn’t, this is a smartly delivered sound that takes the best of each element to fuse it in to an out-put that is mesmerizingly addictive.

This is a musical space that will not only resonate with fans of the sub-genres but will also bring in new listeners who are not greatly impressed by any of them and that, is no mean feat. Much material wends its way in to my desk which I enjoy for what it is, Seething Akira make me want to find out more about the creative process as the elements are just so disparate as to create in themselves a quizzical conundrum that anyone would be so foolish as to attempt it. Not only do the quartet attempt it, but they deliver a sublime out-put and I look forward to hearing how things develop.


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