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Redwire is a five piece indie rock band from Bradford in England. Tom ‘Nova’ Nowakowski (Vocals), Joe Parkinson (Guitar /  Backing Vocals), Matt Hawthorn (Bass), Gab Dardes (Drums) and Dan Louch (Lead Guitar) have just released their debut single Live Today Die Tomorrow.



With the addition of the second guitar Redwire create a great sound that enables them to explore the genre from rock-a-billy influences to hard rock and the juxtaposition of the two voices creates a further dimension to their out-put.

As I am writing this high winds are rattling round outside and it almost as though the trees are bending in time to the music. The powerful material, which wraps the listener tightly in its grasp, is given the space and time to develop keeping the audience engaged by the journey in which the band travel.

These are capable musicians who have developed a good understanding and skilfully play one off each other to deliver a deliberate, yet free-flowing sound that deserves continued and ever increasing profile. Already exposed on radio and in the festival circuit Redwire is a band to get to know and it will be interesting to follow their development.


Live Today Die Tomorrow is available on Live Today Die Tomorrow - Single - Redwire*

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