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Red Ax Jam

Red Ax Jam is a blues rock influenced quintet from London in England. Having started to tour in late 2010 - Max Davey (Vocals), Jared Rood (Guitar), Nima Chatrizeh (Guitar), Paul-Peter Merron (Bass) and Joe Gladwell(Drums) have steadily built up a following with their neatly constructed songs.

Red Ax Jam

Red Ax Jam

Solid instruments and layering soar their way out of the speakers as you would anticipated from a blues based band. I particularly like the use of heavy bass and drum that surges around the instrumental, whilst the vocal reflects on life around and the cleverly written songs pull together in a powerful construct.

Blues rock can get itself so wrapped up in its intricacy, but Red Ax Jam do not make that mistake, rather delivering a punchy rock and roll fizz. This is a sound that works better the louder it is played and the recorded material is sympathetically mixed by an engineer who immediately appreciated that the listener would boost bass and rack up the volume. An absolute delight from concept to execution.

Not an easy space for a band from the UK as far too many artists head on the Jimi Hendrix virtuoso route only to fail abysmally, which has led to a significant groan arising every-time this genre raises its head as a descriptor. Which is why so few bands in the UK set their stall out in this way. However, with Red Ax Jam, shut your prejudices and preconceptions behind the door and step in to the arena.


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